Lost In Space

Children of the 1960s grew up vainly attempting to warn the Robinson family of the dangers that lurked deep in space and within the confines of their own spacecraft. The Robinsons, journeying blindly through space in their saucer-shaped spacecraft, the Jupiter 2, stumbled through one adventure to the next, each week encountering denizens of an ill-defined space society that made up in character what it lacked in coherence.

Created by Irwin Allen, Lost in Space was the rival to the then less popular Star Trek television series.  Based on an expensive pilot that was later abandoned, the series was known primarily for the interactions between three prominent characters, one of which was a robot.  The robot became an icon for all science fiction.

Originally treated with disdain by CBS, the network soon embraced the show that provided a wealth of merchandise and increasingly important advertising dollars.  The series became another strength in Irwin Allen’s career and a source for revival campaigns supported by a long-standing and very loyal fanbase.

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