Hollywood is not the only place where science fiction has been nurtured.  Indeed, many believe the true center of sci-fi is located several time zones east of North America, across the Atlantic – Great Britain.  Like the music invasion that brought the Beatles to American audiences, media companies like ITC introduced Americans and the world to fantastic visions of life in space and destinies for Earth that we might wish to avoid.

American authors ignored by Hollywood have provided excellent material for British Sci-Fi.  Perspectives from the UK positively influenced American productions. 

Even today, the media studios are manned by fans who admire and love the history of British science fiction.  The worlds of creators like Gerry Anderson inspired the people who developed the worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, and dozens of other popular American series.

For fans, British Sci-Fi fills a void that can never be filled by any other source.

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