1978 Fan Art

Battlestar Galactica fans have an amazing array of artistic talents. Prior to the widespread acceptance of the internet, many of these images were lost or displayed to limited audiences at conventions. Now, they can be shared worldwide to fans throughout the globe.

Computer animation software allows fans to create stunning images of a quality previously restricted to professional studios. Of course, nothing replaces folks with real talent. At the Tombs of Kobol, we value one-of-a-kind drawings and paintings as much as any visual made by CG pixel pushers. Both have irreplaceable value in keeping the vision alive.

This section is dedicated to displaying some of the best the fans have created.

Among the most popular spaceship designs of all time is the Cylon Raider.  This is a hybrid model employing some elements of the Revell plastic model and some of the 1978 studio production model.

For many, the symbol of the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series was the Colonial Viper.  This model contains details not included in the original studio model or Revell plastic model.  Since these images were created, this computer model has been updated with less prominent panels along the hull.  A future version will also reduce the insets along the engines.  The rear detail on this computer version is far more extensive than that used in the original series, either in the studio model or the full scale mockup.

One of the best examples of late 70s special effects was shown in Battlestar Galactica: “The Gun on Ice Planet Zero”.  That episode showed spacecraft flying in a planetary setting against bright backgrounds.  These images were inspired by that episode.

The climax of “The Living Legend” had a great sequence where Starbuck and Apollo disable the weapons on one side of a basestar before rocketing away, leaving the Pegasus to engage the Cylon warships. 

Recreating the “Ship of Lights” scene from the Battlestar Galactica episode “War of the Gods”, computer artist Dave Kerin created this image. 

(All models and illustrations are original David Kerin creations).

In another David Kerin vision, the Galactica moves past a fierce energy surge.

Don Bergren, a founder and former owner of ColonialFleets.com, is a long-time supporter of all Battlestar Galactica revival efforts and computer modeler for Zoic.  Don is considered within fan circles to be among the best of the modelers working within the Galactica fanbase.  Don is known for his precise accuracy and extreme attention to detail, as shown in this replication of the Colonial Movers transport.  (These images are several years old – OK, in CGI terms, they’re positively ancient – which only proves Don was and is a very skillful artist).

Don’s skill also shows through his rendition of the rag-tag fleet’s Gemini Freighter.

Don also produced a series of images replicating key areas of the Galactica.  These images show the Viper’s launch tube.

The laser turrets were another key Galactica element shown throughout the series.  Don accurately duplicated the Battlestar’s turret bay.

Concurrently, Don also modeled the bridge of the Battlestar.  This model is a good example of Don’s detailing, which usually follows exact schematics and drawings.

Don’s Cylon raider model remained the foremost CG raider model for years.

The Tombs of Kobol wishes to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to Russell Sanders, David Kerin, Don Bergren, and all the artists whose work we are so honored to host on these pages.