The Tombs of Kobol is a fan site, owned and webmastered by fans, for fans of science fiction that sometimes drops off the radar.  Those smaller gems of the genre that could go the way of the earliest celluloid, disintigrating to dust and out of the collective memory, forever lost, if someone doesn't make the effort to preserve and remember them, either because of their utter genius, or their sheer, endearing awfulness.

It's a labor of love on our part, but that doesn't mean we don't face the same problems as any other website.

The Tombs of Kobol is currently off-line because someone managed to access our domain and corrupt the site, despite the security measures we instituted the last time this happened.

Of course, we cannot and will not allow this to stand uncorrected, but at the same time it's clear that we must do something different this time, otherwise we remain vulnerable for yet another invasion by a malicious, trouble-making entity whose only wish is to cause us grief.

So we'll be down for a while - hopefully only a very short while.

But - to paraphrase a sci-fi franchise we all know...

We'll be back...

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