2003 Other Ships & Space Stations

A prominent civilian ship in the 2003+ Battlestar Galactica was the transport starliner that carried Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin, who would become the new Colonial President.  This design appears to be based on one submitted to the DeSanto/Singer revival attempt.

Combining elements of a small luxury liner and a modern airliner, the Starliner boasted a color scheme lifted directly from the U.S. Presidential aircraft “Air Force One” and was immediately dubbed “Colonial One” upon Roslin’s ascension to the Colonial Presidency.

Below its passenger deck, the Starliner had a number of cargo bays that were large enough to contain several small spacecraft and additional equipment.

The miniseries opened with a space station floating along the border of Colonial space.  This simplistic station was constructed as an annual meeting place between a Colonial representative and a Cylon emissary to maintain the 40-year-old cease-fire.  A core element of the station was an arm docking tunnel that extended from the top of the facility.

This station was only seen once, as it was destroyed in the opening sequence of the miniseries.

A passenger ship, the outer ring rotates slowly as the ship flies through space.

The Celestra was the electronics ship in the original Battlestar Galactica‘s rag-tag fleet.  It was re-created for the 2003 miniseries as a part of that fleet.

A slightly reworked version of the original “foundry ship” was also created for the miniseries fleet.