1978 Pre-Production Art

Battlestar Galactica was very fortunate to gain the skills of Ralph McQuarrie, the now-famous artist who illustrated the key components of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, who is responsible for many of the concepts and designs used by the production. Andrew Probert (who would go on to design exteriors and interiors of two USS Enterprise ships for Star Trek, among many others) also contributed designs and illustrations for the Cylon Centurions. Concurrently, Frank Frazetta, known primarily for his Conan the Barbarian illustrations, also created some early production artwork for the series. We are honored to have the opportunity to showcase their work.

The concepts changed over time, although in most cases, the basic elements remained. Most drastically altered of all were the Cylons, originally envisioned as some 1950s styled alien invaders, but under Mr. Probert’s skillful pencil they gained their own distinct look and style. The first version of the Colonial Viper designed by Mr. McQuarrie was also quickly abandoned, but was later revived as the Starfury fighter for Glen Larson’s Buck Rogers series.

Today, copies of Galactica artwork are difficult to obtain. Never reprinted in the fashion that Star Trek and Star Wars art has been, Battlestar Galactica artwork remain more elusive but not less appealing.

Evolution of the Cylon (Andrew Probert)

Design Concept Art (Ralph McQuarrie)


More Preproduction Concept Art (Frazetta, McQuarrie, et. al.)