Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Draconian Ships

Arguably the most substantial and formidable ship in the entire series was the battleship Draconia, commanded by Princess Ardala and Kane.

Pictured is the command center set, with Kane and Ardala.  In the background is Ardala’s personal guard, “Tigerman”, and a Draconian soldier.

After the 2nd Season re-structure of the show, the Draconians and their ships were retired.  The filming models fell into disrepair until FX Models was commissioned to repair the Draconia (pictured is FX Model’s Ed Miarecki and the battered, pre-repair Draconia).

In the opening moments of Buck Rogers, Earth ships were being menaced by pirate ships known as “Hatchet” fighters.  During the pilot episode, Buck learns that these were the Draconian Marauder fighters, the main weapon for the Draconian space fleet and every bit the match for Earth’s “Starfury” fighters.

Unlike the Earth Starfury fighter, models of Draconian Maurauders are still available over the internet.  These models are valued from US$15-20.