Reboot: Planet of the Apes 2001


At an unknown point in the future, an astronaut named Leo is assigned to the Oberon, a far-off space station that conducts experiments with chimpanzees who have been trained to pilot long-ranged space pods. After an accident, Leo pursues his chimpanzee trainee, Pericles, who is lost after exploring a dangerous electromagnetic storm. Through a freak set of circumstances, Leo is hurled forward in time where he crashes on an unknown planet ruled by apes.

As in the 1968 original, the astronaut is thrown in with primitive humans who are then captured and taken to Ape City by intelligent gorillas on horseback and chimpanzees running on all fours. All of the humans are sold as slaves. Leo soon encounters Ari, a female ape who is an advocate for “human” rights. She believes that humans deserve to be treated more as equals to apes. Ari buys the fallen astronaut and his female companion as slaves in her father’s house.

General Thade, the leader of Ape military forces, regards the slaves with disdain. Leo later picks the lock on his cage and escapes with a group of humans. Ari spots them escaping and accompanies them with her protector, a fierce ape named Krull. Ari finds she is eager to help Leo because she finds him fascinating. Meanwhile, General Thade believes that Ari has been kidnapped by the humans and uses the situation to gain absolute power as dictator of Ape City. He leads the Ape armies to the Forbidden Zone where Leo, Ari, and many humans have gathered.

The Apes tear through the human’s defences, slaughtering them. When all seems lost, a vessel suddenly descends from the sky and lands. All watch the craft in stunned silence except for Leo, who goes forward to embrace the pilot. Its Pericles, the original chimp astronaut that Leo originally tried to rescue. Pericles was hurled further in time than Leo and just now arrived. The apes interpret his arrival as the arrival of Semos, the first chimpanzee who is their god. They bow, and hostilities between humans and apes cease.

– written by Sandy