The Last Starfighter

With those mere words from a video game, Alex Rogan’s greatest adventure began.

And so did ours.

The 1984 film The Last Starfighter told the story of a kid in a trailer park who wanted a better life.  Living with his mother and little brother Louis, Alex had dreams of going places. His girlfriend Maggie was content with going to City College, but Alex wanted more than that.

One night, at the end of a particularly bad day, Alex was playing the only video game around: The Last Starfighter.  By chance or by skill, he racked up the highest score ever on the game, with the entire trailer park population as witness! (Tells you how exciting things were around there when something like that was a really big deal!).  The crowd celebrated his success, and then left him alone to contemplate his accomplishment.

Then a visitor arrived.  Centauri, a stranger in a fancy car (The Star Car), asked Alex who beat the game, and Alex told Centauri it was himself.  Then everything in Alex’s world changed.

Centauri introduced Alex to Beta, an android duplicate who took on Alex’s features after simply touching him. Unknown to Alex, Beta’s role was also to take over Alex’s life.  Alex is coached into Centauri’s car and then locked in as Centauri takes off down the road at a stunning 300 MPH before arcing into the sky and heading off into space.  Alex’s adventure has begun.

A few minutes later, Centauri takes off his “face mask” and reveals himself to be an alien.  Sometime later, they land on Rylos, home to the Star League Command. Unbeknownst to Alex, he’s been recruited to join the Star League!  Alex is led to the inprocessing area and given a translator before he is shuffled into a briefing area.  There Alex meets Grig, a friendly alien who comments that Earth isn’t mature enough to be approached by the Star League.

Alex has already had enough.  After a suprise “visit” from Xur, Centuari is forced to take Alex home.  Once back on Earth, the Star Car breaks down, leaving Alex to walk home.  Discouraged by the turn of events, Centauri hands Alex a signaler to call him back should he change his mind.

Yet, Alex can’t return to his old life.  He discovers Beta in his bed, and, after a rather humorous discussion, uses the signaler to call Centauri to pick up Beta.  Within the hour, an alien assassin called a Zandozan attacks, injuring Centuari.  Realizing the danger, Alex decides to return with Centauri to Rylos, leaving Beta to mimic him on Earth.  Beta is unqualified for the duty and runs into some pretty funny situations, especially at the lake with Maggie.

On Rylos, the Star League HQ has been all but destroyed in an attack.   Alex realizes the even more serious danger out in space and again decides to return home.  Unable to further use the broken Star Car, Grig decides to return Alex in a proto-type fighter called a Gunstar.

On the return trip, the pair encounter an enemy fighter and Grig, much Alex’s dismay, engages it.  During the battle, Alex realizes that he does have what it takes to be a Starfighter and realizes he’s the last one, the others having been killed in the earlier attack.

The pair engage the Ko-Dan armada, blasting apart enemy fighters with their advanced superfighter, and eventually destroying the Ko-Dan mothership in a spectacular battle.  Alex returns to Earth a hero and gets Maggie.

They return to Rylos where Alex begins to help rebuild the Star League.

– written by Darrell Lawrence