1978 Ships: Other Ships

The various ships of Battlestar Galactica‘s rag-tag, fugitive fleet represented one of the widest ranges of spaceships that were ever presented in a single universe.  The individual ships served different purposes, but all were designed by modelers who loved what they did.  Some were quite utilitarian, others showed flashes of humor, all showed great imagination and detail of execution. 

The aptly-named Cylon tanker transported Tylium fuel for the Cylon war machine.  This was a slow moving, unarmed or armored ship.  (Seen in the episodes “Saga of a Star World” and “Living Legend”.)

A touch of humor in the design of this model, the Colonial Movers ship may be the most memorable and recognizable of all the civilian ships of the fleet.  (Model by Jim Crevling.)

The Gemini freighter was seen frequently during the series.  Designed as a cargo hauler, it was packed with Colonial survivors who had to make do in austere and inhospitable conditions.  This particular model is one of the more highly detailed of any of the fleet ships.

Gemini Freighter Studio Filming Model

If you think you see something familiar about the livery (livestock) ship model, you do: it’s major components are three motion picture film canisters.  Bulky and unwieldy, this ship still had enough detail and charm that it looked great on screen.

Livery Ship Studio Filming Model

One of the most used of the fleet ships, the Rising Star has the sleek lines and subtle elegance of any luxury liner and was a prime location in many episodes. 

Rising Star Studio Filming Model

This ship housed the incorrigible and dangerous criminals that surfaced among the Colonial survivors.  It was seen frequently throughout the series.

Prison Barge Studio Filming Model

Of vital importance to the rag-tag fleet were these ships, which grew food crops under massive, glassed-in domes.  If these ships also look familiar, it is for good reason: this design was the ship called the “Valley Forge” from the 1972 movie Silent Running (clips from that movie were regularly used to showcase the Agro ships during the series.)

This ship was seen frequently in “fleet shots”, but its true purpose was never fully articulated, and the model never seen in close-up.   

Foundry Ship (model origin unknown)

There were supposed to be more than 200 ships in the Galactica’s Rag-Tag Fleet, so it is certainly difficult to identify all the models that were used.  This one was seen in “fleet shots” but its purpose or origin was never identified.

Rag-Tag Fleet Studio Filming Model

Introduced in the episode “War of the Gods”, the “Ship of Lights” is a mystic vessel holding angelic beings; the Colonials were never sure until the end if these mysterious beings meant them good or ill.  The actual model was very simple, relying on post-production techniques to give it a proper aura.

Ship of Lights

– written by John Pickard