Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Earth Directorate Ships

The Buck Rogers “Thunder” fighter (aka the “Starfury” fighter) was originally designed by artist Ralph McQuarrie as a concept for the 1978’s Battlestar Galactica.  The design was shelved for Galactica, but was later revived to serve as the Buck Rogers fighter.

Since at least the year 2000, the Thunder Fighter has become a rare collectable model, valued at around $85 USD.  This is far more than the price for its enemy fighter, the Draconian Marauder.

A full version mock-up was constructed for filming actors within the fighter cockpit against a bluescreen.  This mockup has since deteriorated badly.

The second episode of the series, Planet of the Slave Girls, introduced a pirate/mercenary fighter.  This model was never clearly seen, although the design was used in multiple episodes. 

The episode “Return of the Fighting 69th” introduced a gunship that served as a fighter-bomber used by the Earthlings to attack targets buried within an asteroid belt.