Models: The 1978 Colonial Viper

The Monogram version of the Viper is a highly prized find these days.  Unlike its counterpart, the Cylon raider, the Viper was fairly close to the studio model in all details except for the cockpit and rear engine assembly.  With Federation Models add-on Kits (available at, two Monogram models can be changed into close copies of the studio models.  Add-ons allow the model to emerge as an impressive duplicate worthy of the original studio versions.  The Viper shown below (with landing gear extended) is a stock Monogram viper kit modified by Mark Bradley.  Mark used a series of add-on kits to convert this standard model kit into a true work of art.

The most highly prized of all commercial Battlestar Galactica model is the Icons Viper.  This very special limited edition model it the most accurate studio reproduction model.  Consequently, it is also the most expensive, ranging upwards of $1000 dollars.

The studio scale replica is smaller than the studio scale Cylon Raider.  Consequently, it also contains a number of flaws that exist on the original studio scale model.  Yet, despite these initial disappointments, its a fantastic piece of work that really springs to life at the hands of an expert modeler.  The model shown below was detailed by Mark Bradley.  Its a fine example of how the studio scale Viper comes alive at the hands of a skilled artist.

On their own, the engine interiors are disappointing on this model.  However, they do accurately reflect the condition of the model used in the 1978 series.

The flaws on the studio scale model are accurately duplicated, including shortcomings in the details of the actual engines.