Since its invention, long before television was even dreamed of, film has been the medium chosen to tell the most fantastic and imaginative of visual tales.  Since its earliest incarnations, the motion picture has been the vehicle that has taken us to the stars, and beyond; from Verne’s clever tale of the first visit to the Moon to a dire future of man vs. machine, we grew up sitting in the darkened theater, popcorn in hand, engrossed in strange new worlds played out in larger-than-life Technicolor splendor.

Science fiction films make demands on the filmmakers not equaled in any other genre or type: they have to make other worlds, alien creatures and landscapes come alive for their audiences; distant future or prehistoric past believable and reachable – or believably colliding with the present in some new and unforeseen way.

Or not – some of the most memorable sci-fi ever produced were low-budget but irresistibly charming films, so bad they were the most fun to watch.

On these pages are our tributes to some of the more memorable of those efforts.

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