Models: the 1978 Colonial Battlestar

Without doubt, the unsurpassed fan model is the scratch-built Battlestar Galactica model constructed by Jim Crevling (shown below). 

Jim’s model is large and well detailed.  Built on a sturdy frame that locks onto a single pole, the model holds up very well in photographs from all angles.

This model has a full lighting rig that literally must been seen to be appreciated.

The most impressive element of Jim’s work is the fine details revealed only through close-ups.  Every portion of the model shows intricate artistry that rivals the original Apogee creation.

This battlestar model actually represents two battlestars.  On its portside bay, the model bears the title “Galactica”.  On its starboard side, it proudly displays the name “Atlantia”.

Each landing bay duplicates the light rows of the original 1978 series model.  The interior bay lights blink towards the bay interior, giving the illusion of guiding smaller craft into its hangers.