Models: 1978 Cylon Raider

Miscellaneous Models makes a 17″x 12″ studio scale replica of the Cylon Raider model used in the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series.  This model includes an electronics package that allows it to light up with headlights and blue glows from the engines.  It is an exact replica of the original filming miniature. (The pictures below are the advertisement shots from Federation Models).

Mark Bradley detailed one of these kits to create the Cylon raider seen here.

The detailing of this model is superb. 

The Monogram raider model has a number of errors.  The detailing on the top of the Monogram version is very close to that of the studio model replica with the main differences existing on the nose and tail of the fighter.  The Monogram raider was good enough to be used to fill out the Cylon hanger in the episode “The Hand of God” and, as such, is canon to the series, technically giving the original series Cylons two distinct fighter designs. 

The gunwells on the fighter reveal distinctly different equipment on either side, creating the illusion that this is a functional machine.  This offsets the mirrored look of the Colonial Viper, in which each side is a geometric duplicate of the other.

The detailing on the entire model is very, very impressive.  Its accuracy is stunning.  Even slightly off-place paneling in the original model is exactly copied. The level of detailing is apparent, even in the smaller details, like the bands across the gun and the piping on the cockpit.