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The Tombs of Kobol

was originally founded as a site for discussion and information about the classic science-fiction icon Battlestar Galactica; it quickly grew far beyond that narrow focus and now archives classic sci-fi of all kinds to keep it from being lost to the mists of failing memory and disintegrating film and videotape.

The Tombs of Kobol - the records of the past - is made up of source material, interviews, artwork, and articles from experts and fans alike.  We preserve the gems of Science Fiction that might otherwise be lost in the clamor of larger, more widely known sci-fi entities.

We welcome contributions and suggestions of sci-fi that has touched your lives, from Jules Verne to Firefly, from Rod Serling to It's about Time, from Dr. Who to The Invaders

Come in, turn our dusty pages, and rediscover the wonder that science fiction can bring.


There is no sci-fi universe more classic than this one:

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