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If you’d had the pleasure of watching the NBC Saturday morning cartoon line-up in September ’75, you witnessed a rare treat, the cartoon series, "Return to the Planet of the Apes"!

Feeling there was still some life left in the Apes concept, the powers that be enlisted animation legends Friz Freleng, the creator of Porky Pig and the Pink Panther, and Doug Wildey, who created the original Johnny Quest, to bring the series to Saturday morning.

The series was unusual, in the fact that it was closer in concept to the original book by Pierre Boulle than the course set by the Apes films. Here, the apes lived in a city that was a mix of historical eras. The buildings resembled those of ancient Rome, and the cars were styled after those of 1940s and ‘50s. The apes had modern weaponry though, like jeeps and machine guns!

Director Wildey, attempted something different from the usual Saturday morning fare, the stories had a serialised format and the characters would evolve from week to week.

Despite this though, the show was hammered in the ratings and left the air after 13 episodes.


- written by Peter Noble