The Tombs of Kobol honors the lovely Anne Lockhart for her role as Sheba in the Glen Larson production Battlestar Galactica.

Anne was already an accomplished actress when Glen Larson tapped her for the role of Sheba, the daughter of legendary Commander Cain (played by Lloyd Bridges).  Initially, she was only to appear in the two-part episode The Living Legend, but the role went over so well she was signed on as a regular.

And no wonder - acting runs in her family.  Anne is the great-granddaughter of John Coates Lockhart and granddaughter of Gene and Kathleen Lockhart, highly respected actors in the theater, movies and the early days of television.  And her mother is everyone's favorite TV Mom - Lassie's and Lost in Space's June Lockhart.

Anne has worked steadily since the end of Battlestar Galactica's short run.  She has guest-starred on numerous shows (often multiple times), and has supplied background voiceovers and the voices of many animated characters over the years.  She has also appeared in a number of films (including Dirk Benedict's Cahoots).

Widowed in 1994, Anne is a devoted mother to her two children, Carly & Zane.  She is also a founder of "Pro-Celebrity Rodeos", a fundraiser for children's charities; she is a championship-level horsewoman in her own right.  She also helped found and is active with the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival in Thousand Oaks, California.

As beautiful now as she was in 1978, a role model in real life as she was on screen, we salute Anne Lockhart.