The ever-lovely Pamela Hensley is honored by the Tombs of Kobol for her role as the cunning, sexy, and occasionally murderous Princess Ardala in the Glen Larson production Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Pamela was born and raised just a stone’s-throw from Hollywood.  A talented actress, she attended the Argyle Academy before winning an audition with the world-famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.  On returning to Hollywood, she guest-starred on such notable TV series as Columbo and The Rockford Files, co-starred opposite James Brolin in Marcus Welby, MD, and appeared with James Caan in Rollerball.  She also co-starred with TV Tarzan Ron Ely in the film Doc Savage before being cast as Ardala.

After Buck Rogers, she went on to guest-star in several television series and movies, and was a regular on Matt Houston as his attorney, C.J. Parsons.

Regrettably for her fans, Pamela has not worked much in front of a camera since her Matt Houston days.

Pamela is married to writer/producer E. Duke Vincent (Matt Houston, Dynasty).  In 2004 she published “The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook”, drawing on her Jewish grandmother’s cooking skill and her husband’s Italian-American heritage.

Still - and be honest - who didn't want to be Gil Gerard at this moment?


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