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Erin Gray, we think, was one of the best things that ever happened to Spandex spacesuits.  A veteran of a long and eclectic career as an actress, we recognize Ms. Gray for her role as Colonel Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers television series.  Erin remains one of the most beautiful women to ever grace Hollywood.

Film History

Special Weapons and Tactics (2002)
Clover Bend (2001)
Manfast (2001)
Social Misfits (2001)
Touched by a Killer (2001)
Serial Intentions (2001)
Delicate Instruments (2000)
Woman's Story, A (2000)
Last Producer, The (2000)
Crowfoot (1995) (TV) .... Nora
Dangerous Place, A (1994) .... Audrey
Official Denial (1994) .... Annie Corliss
T-Force (1994) .... Mayor Pendleton
Honor Thy Father and Mother: The Menendez Killings (1994)
No Surrender (1993)
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
Danseurs du Mozambique, Les (1991)
Image Workshop, The (1991)
Laker Girls (1990)
Addicted to His Love (1988)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace (1988)
Breaking Home Ties (1987)
Princess and the Dwarf, The (1986)
Code of Vengeance (1986)
Born Beautiful (1982)
Six Pack (1982)
Coach of the Year (1980)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: "The Awakening" (1979)
Ultimate Impostor, The (1979)
Winter Kills (1979)
Evening in Byzantium (1978)

Television History

Port Charles (1997)
Profiler (1996)
Silk Stalkings: "Exit Dying" (1991)
Renegade: "Dead Heat" (1992)
Heaven Help Us: "The Belle's Farewell" (1994)
Burke's Law: "Who Killed the Anchorman?" (1994)
Bonkers: "Quibling Rivalry" (1993)
Almost Home: "Sleeping with the Enemy" (1993)
Silk Stalkings: "Dead Weight" (1991)
Dark Justice: "The Specialist" (1991)
Baywatch (1989)
Superboy: "Cat and Mouse" (1988)
Jake and the Fatman: "I Know That You Know" (1987)
L.A. Law: "Ex-Wives and Videotape" (1986)
Hunter: "On Air" (1984)
Murder, She Wrote: "Wearing of the Green" (1984)
Starman: "Starscape" (1986)
Hitchhiker, The: "Together Forever" (1983)
Hotel: "Facades" (1983)
Simon & Simon: "Matchmakers" (1981)
Fall Guy: "License to Kill" (1981)
Magnum, P.I.: "J. "Digger" (1980)
B.J. and the Bear: "Cain's Cruiser" (1979)
Battle of the Network Stars VIII (1979)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)
Vega$: "Black Cat Killer" (1978)
Fantasy Island: "Skater's Edge" (1978)
Fantasy Island: "A Face of Love/Image of Celeste" (1978)
Love Boat, The: "She Stole His Heart" (1977)
Love Boat, The: "Forties Fantasy" (1977)
Rockford Files, The: "With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?" (1974)
Maude: "The Game Show" (1972)


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