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Stargirl Episode 101. Pilot (It's Awesome!)

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  • Stargirl Episode 101. Pilot (It's Awesome!)

    I really liked Stargirl. She has been shortchanged a lot, having minor roles in Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow. Finally, she has her own show and it's a welcome addition to the Arrowverse!
    First, the synopsis:
    The original Justice Society of America (Starman, Wildcat, Dr. Midnight, Hourman, Flash) are killed by the Injustice Society (Wizard, Brainwave, Icicle, Solomon Grundy).
    Advance 10 years to the present: Teenager Courtney Whitmore and her family are moving to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Courtney is having problems with her new dad Pat as well as adjusting to high school life.
    Soon enough, she discovers that Pat was Starman's sidekick, Stripesy, in the JSA and that he was keeping Starman's cosmic staff for the next bearer. It turns out that the staff is responsive to Courtney's touch and they soon are "bonded" to each other. Of course, Brainwave appears and realizes that Courtney is using the staff. She defends herself in superheroic fashion, but her secret to the Injustice Society is out.

    Wow, where do I begin? There is soooo much in this opener. And I am evaluating the DC Universe airing as it is 53 minutes long (compared to the 42 minute CW showing).
    This was so lighthearted that I loved it. It follows the tone of The Flash, and I am glad we now have a younger person (Brec Bassinger) take up the superhero mantel in a believable fashion.
    The sequence where Courtney flies with the staff is very cool, and the musical score by Pinar Toprak (Krypton, Captain Marvel) complements the scene really well. It's like Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful score when Supergirl is flying over the city when she comes to Earth in that movie.
    That she has an encounter with a school bully whose father is revealed to be Brainwave is a great connection.
    And of course Luke Wilson as Dan (aka Stripesy) complements Bassinger's Stargirl, adding some comical moments to the episode.

    My rating: 5/5 (double angus patty, unlimited steak fries and Cherry Cokes).

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