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Star Trek: Picard #103. The End Is The Beginning

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  • Star Trek: Picard #103. The End Is The Beginning

    So we are up to Episode 3, and things are starting to get underway...
    Former Starfleet officers Raffi and Captain Rios along with Dr. Jurati are recruited by Picard to join him on his mission to find Bruce Maddox, the creator of Data's daughters. So with ship and crew, Jean Luc is off to the stars.
    Meanwhile, Soji is liberating the Borg drones from The Cube and returning them back to their former Romulan identities. One by the name of Ramhda is an anthropologist who recognizes Soji as "The Destroyer" from her culture. Hmmm...

    This episode moved a bit slower than the other two. But there were a number of high points.
    Rios' Emergency Hologram that looks just like him introduces some much needed levity into the storyline.
    And Picard saying "Engage" as the ship enters warp drive is very cool!

    3.5/5 (cheeseburger with fries and Coke)

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