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Crisis on Infinite Earths- Parts 4-5 (Conclusion)

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  • Crisis on Infinite Earths- Parts 4-5 (Conclusion)

    The CW aired its closing chapters on the Crisis crossover, and it had all the charm of the comic from which it was derived.
    The Paragons of Virtue including Supergirl, Flash, and Batwoman face off against The Anti-Monitor. Thankfully, Oliver in his new mystical form of The Spectre delivers the winning blow, saving the multiple earths from extinction and recreating Earth-1 to Earth-Prime where all the familiar DC heroes now reside.
    Further, The Justice League is formed in the final minutes with the heroes dedicating themselves to dealing with worldwide and galactic threats, at least once a year via future crossovers.

    I really like that all the heroes are now on one Earth. And reality has changed for them. Superman and Lois now have 2 children, not one (just in time to show off for their upcoming series), Supergirl's Lex Luthor has assumed the role of hero in Metropolis, plus there are other surprises in store as the characters adjust to their new reality.
    There were some great moments as well, including the Crisis comics' creator Marv Wolfman doing a cameo to get Flash and Supergirl's signature as well as Ezra Miller's movie Flash meeting up with Grant Gustin's TV version. Looks like the multiverse was able to stretch from the small screen to the big one!

    My rating: 5/5 (AWESOME!)

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