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Doctor Who Episode 1203. Orphan 55 with SPOILERS

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  • Doctor Who Episode 1203. Orphan 55 with SPOILERS

    This was not as good an entry as the first 2 episodes of Season 12.
    The Doctor and her 'fam" go off on vacation to Tranquility Spa, located on Orphan 55. They soon realize their stay is anything but tranquil as they are threatened by an aggressive lifeform called The Dreg. What's worse, the planet is future Earth, and The Dreg are what we have evolved into!

    This plot was reminiscent of Fox's Wayward Pines (which I loved btw). The monsters were eerie and at times menacing with their pronounced teeth & claws. But the story was hardly an original one. And it did not advance the plot threads of the destroyed Gallifrey and the re-emergence of The Master from the previous episodes.
    So I rate it at best a 3.5/5 (cheeseburger with fries only)

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