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Doctor Who Episode 1202. Spyfall- Part 2 with SPOILERS!

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  • Doctor Who Episode 1202. Spyfall- Part 2 with SPOILERS!

    Most of the new Who 2-parters fall flat on their face. This one did not, but it was because of the fascinating sideplot.
    The major plot involves The Doctor travelling through time and meeting up with strong females of the 1800s and 1900s who, together with the Time Lord, stop the aliens from converting the current period's human DNA into a hard drive within which the noncorporeal creatures could exist in our world (got that?!).
    The Master (now played by Sacha Dhawan) stole the show, shrinking Victorians callously and even assuming the role of a Nazi commandant at one point.
    It is what he tells The Doctor which is really eye-opening. Gallifrey, their home planet, has been destroyed by him (The Doctor confirms this by checking out Gallifrey for herself and seeing it in ruins). He proclaims that everything they know about The Time Lords has been a lie and that it is connected to "the timeless child." The child was referenced in last season's second episode, but nothing ever came of it. I can only assume this is the thread that will be weaved throughout this season, along with The Master's return.
    I like the direction this show is taking, returning to Dr. Who's roots with a memorable villain as well as The Doctor's planet. She even tells her companions that she is a Time Lord and that she is capable of regeneration, just like her once friend but now foe, The Master. More of this should have been done last season, but I am glad they are doing it now. Better late than never!

    5/5 (double angus patty, steak fries and unlimited Cherry Cokes)

    The Latest Version of The Master

    Gallifrey Is Destroyed
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    As I understand it, the whole plot line with Gallifrey goes completely against the previous series releases in violating continuity.

    I realize I've never been the biggest DW fan, but Whittaker (and Capaldi's last series to a lesser extent) leaves a bad taste in my mouth for a few reasons.


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      Well, the Time Lords have never been the "nice guys." Remember Omega from the Pertwee era, or the crazed Borusa from the Tennant era.
      There was a reason that The Doctor originally left Gallifrey in the TARDIS. These Time Lords have been cast as a bunch of "arses" from one Doctor to the next. They even marooned Pertwee's Doctor on Earth for several seasons, those bastards!
      I think the seeds have always been planted for this, and now Whitaker's Doctor is realizing them. So I am looking forward to more of the Time Lord history revealed- for better or for worse.
      Should I say that it's about time for this- pun intended. Ha.


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