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Battlestar Galactica Online

This list is is a guide to the Battlestar Galactica online universe and related resources on the Web.  Please distribute this list freely wherever "those who believe" might be found.

Websites (overall information)

Tombs of Kobol
Tombs of Kobol is an ever-expanding repository of facts and images of many cult Sci-Fi films and shows, including one of the most comprehensive sections on Battlestar Galactica on the web, including the original 1978 series and later incarnations and revival attempts. (Webmasters/Owners: The Fantastic Four)

Colonial Fleets
One of the original Battlestar Galactica discussion boards with an expanding website devoted to the classic original series and it's revival. It features a growing gallery section and work by professional and developing CGI artists.

Battlestar Galactica Club
The newest incarnation of a classic Battlestar Galactica site best known for its many fan fiction, role playing (RPG) and discussion forums. (Webmaster: Hawke)
Owned by Richard Hatch, this is a mega-site for information about Battlestar Galactica in all its forms. The usual first stop for current news on the revival efforts supporting a continuation of the classic original series' themes, storyline, and original cast reprising their roles. The site features a gallery of cast/production photos from Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980, still images from Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming; interviews, Q & As, and articles on Battlestar Galactica. (Webmaster: Mike McAdams)
Now a "wiki" site, is devoted to all things "Battlestar Galactica", from 1978 and 1980 to the 2003+ Sci-Fi Channel series, and has a wide variety of editable and expandable information.
A Role Playing Game based during the time frame of Richard Hatch's novels. Players from around the world can be found at the site daily. Anne Lockhart serves as's honorary Commander, and provides updates regarding her current activities as time permits. (Webmaster: Captain Hawke)

Battlestar Fan Club
Fan initiated fanclub for the series. Interviews, video clips, blooper reel. (Webmaster: Chris Feehan)  

Official site of Laurette Spang McCook, containing up-to-date information about Laurette (BSG's "Cassiopeia"). (Webmaster: John Pickard)

Dirk Benedict Central 

The officially endorsed website of Dirk Benedict, containing up-to-date information about Dirk (BSG's "Starbuck"), his work, and his writing.  (Webmaster: John Pickard)


Anne Lockhart

Battlestar Galactica's "Sheba", Ann has her own site showcasing all her endeavors. (Webmasters: Marcel Damon & Mike Egnor)

Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum (mirrored at )

Besides photos of original Battlestar Galactica items, check out the series writer's guide, an article about Cylon origins, plus many other features, interviews, and chat transcripts. (Chris Pappas)

Battlestar Zone  

Home to the Battlestar Concordance: if there is a Colonial term you want defined or you want the information about any location or people group named in the series: this is the place to go. Also a wealth of other articles and interviews. (Susan Paxton)


Galacticruise - 30th Anniversary Convention/Cruise

September 17, 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the premier of Battlestar Galactica, and it's being celebrated with a 5-day Mexican Riviera cruise with many of the cast and crew.

Specialized sites:

Universal Hartland model photos

Ken Larson's photo archive of Hartland's work on Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980 and Buck Rogers.

Life size Sets & Vehicles, Original and Reproduction Models
Actual viper, and cylon raider set photos from the original series. Photos of one of the restorations of the original studio model Galactica, photos of Jim Creveling's replica. (Phil Broad)

Battlestar Galactica Technical Manuals 

Curious about Colonial Fleet ships, weapons, or engine systems? this is the site for you. Explores the "real" science and technology behind the popular TV series, with specs and info on ships, weapons, engines, and of course the Cylons. Also has a nice gallery of CGI BSG art. (Tigerclaws)

Starship Dimensions

Scale comparisons of starships from most major sci-fi shows at various levels of zoom. Article discussing the actual size of the Galactica. (Jeff Russell)

Battlestar Collectibles/Memorabilia

Great visual reference resource to most collectables, memorabilia and toys in the Colonial universe. (David Moss)

How Many Battlestars were at Cimtar?
Repcisg's analysis of the fleet size at Cimtar, the Landing bay design, and squadron organization.

Starship Schematic Database

This site archives every starship design ever conceived in the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and Star Blazers universes, both official and unofficial.

Networking with other fans:

Discussion forums:
Tombs of Kobol
Colonial Fleets
Battlestar Galactica Club
Laurette Spang Forums

Dirk's Works (Dirk Benedict Central)
Battlestar Pacifica
- (Paul Pisano)
Battlestar Caprica
- (Viperqueen)
Battlestar Orion - (Winterrose)


Battlestar Galactica Fanclub
(Chris Feehan)

Battlestar Fan Club (Germany/Austria)

Laurette Spang's official site

Dirk Benedict Central

Home of the Dirkettes - and Dirk's official site.

Fans of Sarah Rush (Rigel, the "launch when ready" flight officer) - Paul and Mike

Battlestar Fan Club, Turkey


Yahoo e-groups:

Yahoo, Fan club led revival group (largest membership):

MSN e-groups (about 15 groups)

RPG forums:

Battlestar Galactica Club
(Nathan Proia, Rhonda Rice)

Battlestar Callisto
(current daily game play is at The site found a new home after being effectively shut down by Now running Proboards v4.0.

Battlestar Columbia-B
(Debbie Bailey)

Battlestar Columbia-NV
(Ludo Van Pelt)

Usenet Newsgroup:

Radio Galactica
Available periodically on Shoutcast, audio of episodes and interviews, fan projects, music (T. Shawn Hardy)

Cast Member's Official Sites:

Dirk Benedict Central (Dirk Benedict) (Richard Hatch)
(Laurette Spang) (Jack Stauffer) (Patrick Macnee) (Anne Lockhart)

Fan Fiction:

Battlestar Galactica Fanfiction It's the largest assemblage of Battlestar Galactica fan fiction on the Web, along with pictures and fan art, comics cover scans, and other goodies. Over 300 stories, some novel length. (Robert Hanczyk)
(BG's entry on a huge TV related fan fiction site)

Battlestar Galactica Club  A huge selection of fanfic and RPG.

Colonial Fleets A good selection of classic BSG fanfic, together with one of the largest collections of original, fan-made CGI art.

Battlestar Republica
(Adam Stacey - 1999)

Also see: Sheba's Galaxy, (crossover stories) and

General Sci-Fi news site

(Webmaster: Ian Cullen)

Costume sources: - full warrior uniforms - cylon costume reference

Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum
Besides photos of original Battlestar Galactica items, check out the series writer's guide, an article about Cylon origins, plus many other features, interviews, and chat transcripts. or (Chris Pappas) costume collector, squadron patches, pin reproductions, uniform trim

Artists and Model Making sites featuring Galactica:

Visual FX Samples from Foundation Imaging's work (used in The Second Coming trailer and to pitch that FX group's abilities to Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer's production.) CGI artist, Lee Stringer.
Ken Thomson, Jr. - Images from The Second Coming trailer and the Realm Press Colonial Technical Journal (unpublished)
2nd coming:
Tech Journal's bridge:

TFXArt (older images) Tech Journal images (Mike McAdams)

Ships of the Colonial Fleet (canon and non canon concepts) If the Colonials had fleets of warships in space, what they might look like. (Todd Boyce)

Ships of the Colonial Fleet (canon and non canon CGI models) Steve Wilson, CGI modeler, he's modeled in detail many of Todd Boyce's concepts.

David Kerin/Solium Studios A General overview of David's vfx gallery.

David Moss Not to miss: David's animated CG movie shorts.

Zoic Studios FX house for SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica 2003.

See also,, colonial,, and

Battlestar Galactica Game (official) Get the inside track on the Battlestar Galactica game (PS2 and Xbox), a space combat game based on the '70s show and employing the voices of some of the original actors.

Celebrating the Original 1978-79 Series

Galacticon 2003 The 25th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica was saluted at a fan, cast and production crew reunion in October 2003. Cool memorabilia is still available.

Thanks to Darrell Lawrence, T. Shawn Hardy, Peter Noble, jjrakman, Michael Faries, Nathan Proia, Thomas Phong, Sandy, AlternityOrange, Paul Pisano, Don Bergren, BattlestarTrekker (BST), Emerita, Commander Taggart; all those who have kept Battlestar Galactica information up on the Web; and everyone who's shared links to Galactica related sites on Tombs of Kobol, Colonial Fleets, and Battlestar Galactica Club discussion forums.
The testimony of the strength of the Battlestar Galactica story is truly found in the heart of it's fans.

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